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April 09 2015

Dokąd idę? Do słońca. To chyba jasne.
— Edward Stachura
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Things I am always down for no questions asked:



-Breakfast for dinner

-Hot coffee and good conversation

-Record shopping


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April 06 2015

I’m not searching for my other half...  because I’m not a half.
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Niech przyśnią się wakacje, co wiecznie będą trwać; leżę w samym słońcu, mam dwanaście lat.
— Waglewski Fisz Emade, Wakacje
Człowiek jest sumą doświadczeń i marzeń. Bądź dodatni 
— #7
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March 21 2015

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nie bój się chodzenia po morzu
nieudanego życia
wszystkiego najlepszego
dokładnej sumy niedokładnych danych
miłości nie dla ciebie
czekania na nikogo

przytul w ten czas nieludzki
swe ucho do poduszki

bo to co nas spotyka
przychodzi spoza nas

Jan Twardowski

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Don’t be selfish. If you do not love the way her hair curls at the ends or her nose wrinkles when she laughs then let her go. If you don’t see her as a fucking masterpiece then let her go, because someone else will. Don’t be selfish. If you don’t love the way she sneezes or the way she dribbles the toothpaste down her chin when she brushes her teeth then let her go. If your heart doesn’t almost beat out of your chest when you wake up and the first thing you see is her soundly sleeping on your shoulder. Someone else would kill for that. Being with someone when you know you don’t love them is cruel. It’s not only cruel it’s holding them back from someone that could give them everything. Someone that feels waves breaking in their ribcage when they see her walk around the corner. Someone that has had the worst of days, but rainbows suddenly appear at the thought of her. Someone who hears the sound of her voice and it soothes the darkest of nightmares. If that is not you, let her go. She is wonder, she is magic, she deserves someone who believes that every single day, not just on certain days.
— (via sheisbethany)
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It’s Sunday. It’s a new day. It’s a new week. I know that perhaps some of you have struggled this past week. Negative thoughts, actions, and maybe even hurting yourself: mentally, physically, emotionally. But guess what? You did it.

And I’m so proud of you. You are beautiful, needed and worthy. I’m so excited to see what wonderful things happen to you this week.

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